Commercial Property

We pride ourselves in our property staff’s comprehensive knowledge of commercial and residential construction and modern repair methods. We provide highly detailed, accurate estimates referencing several sources for cost data.  Our clear and concise policy analysis allows our clients to make well informed decisions on the disposition of every claim. Our adjusters specialize in excess-surplus lines exposures where insurance-to-value, protective safeguard endorsements, and methods of depreciation are important. ACV valuations are calculated with broad evidence considerations, in those jurisdictions that require it, to include direct capitalization cost income approach, market value and comparable sales data, and tax assessment, in addition to reconstruction cost and straight-line depreciation.  MSW also specializes in HPR, Habitational programs and public sector claims. Insurable interest is always confirmed whether the coverage involves Building, Improvements & Betterments, Leasehold Interest, Coop/Condo, or Property of Others.

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